Terms and Conditions

All bookings are final, and only apply for the dates of the course you have booked. If you miss a class for any reason (sickness, transport issues, injury, don’t feel like it ect)  you cannot attend a different class to replace the one you have missed. If you are unable to train physically, we advise that you still attend your class and take notes. If you are unable to attend a whole course, try 121 tuition which can be booked to suit your diary. Booked courses cannot be changed to future blocks.

Taster Session: please give 7 days notice to change the date of your taster Class. You have 3 months to use up your taster class once purchased.

121 Tuition:  Please give 7 days notice to change appointment time, no refunds are given.

Supervised Mixed Aerial Training Blocks for professionals with their own insurance.
Proof of insurance must be sent in via emil in advance before purchasing on of these blocks.
Entire payment must be paid in advance before commencing first session. Once payment is received the1st session must be booked with in 10 days.  Sessions cannot be changed or cancelled for any reason unless 7days notice is given. All 10 sessions must be used with in 12 weeks from the date of purchase. The sessions can be used during Supervised Mixed Aerial Training Blocks.
Appointment times cannot be changed by the student for any reason, no refunds will be given. Cave of mystery reserves to right to change appointments if necessary.


  • Please inform your instructor if you have previous injuries or strains that may affect you when training.
  • Always lock up behind you and turn of all electricity.
  • Please do not bring children on to the premises, with out consent of manager.
  • Never ever train alone.
  • Please leave the space cleaner than how you found it.
  • Do not use equipment with out consent of authorized person.
  • No children can use equipment except under the supervision of an authorized teacher.
  • Only teach or show new tricks or moves if your have a clear understanding of exactly how to describe the technique in a way that it will be understood.
  • Do not show new tricks to people if you do not think that they have the strength perform it.
  • Always warm up and cool down properly.
  • Always train with a crash mat underneath you.
  • We check the rigging every 6 months; please do not change any rigging, with out the presence of one of our listed professional riggers present.
  • Generally maintain a positive attitude at all times.
    Work with total respect of operation policies and procedures, and mission statement.
    Be as helpful and kind to every person entering the space.
    Keep the space emotionally and physically safe. (Do not allow any unauthorized people to use any equipment in the space.)

We ask new people training in the space to sign an agreement.

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